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February 13, 2009


Tim McAlpine

Great article. Thanks for including Young & Free in your list Ron. I agree with your take on negativity online. There is plenty of it, but I just steer clear.

I would add the YES CU Community to your list. There are more than 500 members talking about strategies for credit unions to attract the under 30 crowd. Christopher and Josh from CUNA are doing a great job of keeping it positive, active and fresh.


Morriss Partee

Hi Ron, I agree with both you and Tim. Best to avoid negativity, or at least make sure it's done in a constructive way. Thanks also for the shout-out. EverythingCU.com is for CU employees-only because they are bombarded with solicitations from vendors all sides. It's our purpose to provide them with a safe forum where they are free to speak their minds about any issue, including which vendors are the best and worst to work with. Digital Mailer has been discussed there with terms such as "absolutely outstanding" and "wonderful" . (Tim and Young and Free also has been talked about very positively!)

Lisa Randolph

Thanks for mentioning Banktastic, Ron! We do hope that more and more people within our industry (or any industry for that matter) pick up the TIE principles and run with them. Here's the link to our TIE principles post: http://banktastic.com/posts/51-the-tie-principles

Thanks again for the shoutout!

Brad J Garland

Guess it's my turn. Thanks for the mention Ron!

All we really want is engagement and to be apart of a common purpose (ex. TIE). We think by having channels to communicate amongst one another we can improve the transparency of the industry as a whole (banks & CU).

Thanks again!

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