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January 07, 2009


Jeffry Pilcher

Micro-blogging or instant messaging? I say it's instant messaging, just like AOL's AIM, only you don't have to be logged-in 100% of the time to get all your messages.


Think of the number of people who use one username and password for multiple sign in screens. Expand that to people who use just a couple, and multiple derivations of each. The second group includes just about everyone.

For those hacking into Twitter (with more malevolent intentions), getting sign in information for those peripheral applications would be a clear step two. Having even a small sample of common usernames and passwords used by a single individual could provide access to a huge number of sites, containing other private information.

I'd say twittering is more like micro blogging. Usually, if I'm on AIM or another instant messaging program, I am engaging in a conversation, which I don't see happening much on twitter.

Jimmy Marks

Elliott -

I totally agree with the sentiment of "security is issue 1". Because it's absolutely true. As I wrote weeks ago, people don't use the right amount of caution with their passwords online which makes them more of a target.

And I say this with utmost respect: you don't think of Twitter as a conversation because you don't use it. You ever start communipunching with the rest of us (that's a term I came up with to replace "tweeting", which sounds stupid), you'll be conversating, too.


I've had a twitter account and follow multiple feeds, but I do not "tweet." By conversation, I was more referring to the real-time aspect of communication. For example, you could technically call a blog post and multiple comments a conversation, but it's certainly not the same kind of live conversation that takes place in via instant messenger.

Ron Shevlin

Why must it be one or the other? Can it not be both? And what difference does it really make? I'm going back to work now.

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